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08 Oct 2018

San nurses reunion with inspiring mentor

San nurses have been reunited with the mentor they credit for enabling their arrival in Australia, and their training.

3 San staff members, Misbachudin, Eranita Lamplough and Fatihu Soleh attribute their degrees, roles as nurses, and life in Australia to the generous sponsorship of Mr Saleh Alwaini Chairman of the Binawan Foundation in Indonesia.

The Foundation reports it has been involved with more than 2700 healthcare professionals being assisted to study and work internationally in countries like the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia, and includes an estimated 200 who came to Australia.

Now a highly qualified Registered Nurse and San Clinical Nurse Educator who works to help train others, Eranita Lamplough has been living in Australia since 2004 and organised for Mr Alwaini to see where she has worked for the last 12 years, wanting to showcase how different her life is in comparison to what it might have been in Indonesia.

“It was an honour to have him here” Eranita says.

“What he has done for me and all the others that he has helped…it is indescribable.”

Alwaini and his daughter Hilwa were able to see first-hand how training has empowered the development of caring and committed professionals and shared why he felt compelled to help send students around the world to get education.

“Why give someone a fish when you can give them a fishing rod?” said Mr Alwaini.

During his visit, Mr Alwaini met with ICU Manager Chris Waite, San Education Manager Kay Leatherland and San Foundation Managing Director Karen Gair and toured ICU, San Radiology and the Clinical Education Centre. 


Image caption: From left to right Mishachudin, Eranita Lamplough, Saleh Alwaini, Hilwa Alwaini and Fatihu Soleh



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