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03 Sept 2018

San Surgeon helps international first surgery online

Technology has enabled international medical mentoring leading to breakthrough surgery in NZ after San surgeon and urologist Professor Henry Woo provided training and guidance to a New Zealand urologist undertaking a new procedure for the first time.

Skype video conferencing was used by Professor Woo to demonstrate the Urolift surgical procedure for men to urologist Dr Jim Duthie from Tauranga NZ.

Dr Woo was then on standby to provide guidance when Dr Duthie undertook the procedure for the first time at Grace Hospital in Tauranga .

Uroloft is a treatment option for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, an enlarged prostate, commonly causing urinary problems in men over 50.

The procedure was previously not available in New Zealand and means patients have less anaesthesia, time off work, and return to their normal lifestyle more quickly.

The New Zealand patient is reported to be thrilled to be able to have the procedure under the guidance of Professor Woo.

Professor Woo is considered a world expert in the procedure and has championed various innovative world first urology surgeries.

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