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15 Aug 2018

EC Director Dr Greg McDonald talks about the San waiving the $335 EC admission fee for ambulance patients

After last years' 'Flumaggedon', both public and private emergency care departments around Australia are preparing for a potential late winter rush of patients.

What’s critical of course is that ill people, for whom early admission can make a difference, don’t get deterred from presenting to EC units when they need to.

The San has taken the step of waiving the $335 EC admission fee for patients bought in by ambulance, hoping heart attack and stroke patients and other seriously unwell patients don’t let the issue of fees or waiting times cloud their judgement about when to get the ambulance to bring them in.

More people going to private EC units will also reduce pressure on public EC units.

2GB's Steve Price interviews the San's EC Director Dr Greg McDonald about the new initiative.

Listen to the podcast here.


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