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04 Jul 2018

Excellent Hand Hygiene Results

San Infection Prevention and Control Co-ordinator Jayne O’Connor reports both SAH and SDSH have recorded excellent hand hygiene results exceeding both national and Adventist HealthCare’s own key performance indicators for hand hygiene for the June 2018 reporting period.

“With the national compliance figures of 84.9%, the Sydney Adventist Hospital results of 89.8%, and San Day Surgery Results of 93.4% compliance, are exceptional” says Jayne.

“We audited 23 areas within the San and only 2 areas failed to meet our self-imposed key performance indicator of wanting to meet at least 80% compliance.

21 of the 23 areas had over 80% compliance, while one of our wards ( Radley Ward Level 8 Clifford Tower) achieved 100% compliance.

Also significantly , medical staff achieved 75% compliance, a healthy increase from the 59% recorded during the previous audit.”

The ‘5 Moments of Hand Hygiene’ audit tool was developed by the World Health Organisations and adopted for use by Hygiene Australia.

Part of the National and international ‘Clean hands, saves lives’ and ‘clean care is safe care’ campaigns, it aims to prevent infectious diseases and antibiotic resistant spreading.

“Our auditors use direct observation to monitor hand hygiene of all staff which includes observing hand hygiene before and after each patient interaction“ says Jayne.

"This includes when staff are involved in medication dispensing, wound care and entering and exiting patients rooms.

This improvement in hand hygiene results has followed a dedicated and targeted promotional and instructional campaign that included fun initiatives like our San Hand Hygiene Inspectors Hand San and Herman, the Germ Men, on the search for hand hygiene compliance. This was all part of the San’s World Hand Hygiene Day awareness initiative.

Being reminded about processes, and how it complements the excellent and compassionate care San staff have already been delivering, has clearly paid off. All staff and our patients benefit. We applaud all departments for the great outcomes.

Our thanks to the San Foundation for their financial support which made the campaign and the audit possible and confirms the San’s commitment to quality care.”

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