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27 Nov 2017

San Foundation thanks Hospital supporters and donors

His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (ret'd) Governor of New South Wales was guest speaker at the San Foundation Annual Thankyou Luncheon at Miramare Gardens last Friday.


Chaired by San Executive Committee member Phil West , the luncheon included speeches by retiring Foundation Chairman Dr Leon Clark, incoming Chairman Dick Warbuton AC LVO, and Acting AHCL CEO Brett Goods.



Dr Clark spoke about the completion of the Integrated Cancer Centre Campaign, the various hospital projects supported by the donors to the San Foundation and the tireless work of Foundation staff. Videos showcased the Foundations successful campaign for the Integrated Cancer centre which was officially completed in July.


Mr Warburton spoke about the current San Foundation campaign to support the Hospitals robotics program and the purchase of the new Xi da Vinci Robot.


Recalling the San's historic start in 1903 as a Sanitarium that has proudly proclaimed its mission of Christianity in Action and grown consistently to meet its community needs, Governor Hurley thanked the assembled Foundation supporters for their donations and support.


"So we saw that partly in that video today about what's happened in the Integrated Cancer Treatment Centre. (The San Integrated Cancer Centre funded by the San Foundation)


These are ground breaking treatments, the nature of the treatments, different techniques, different technologies that are bringing people together. …To see that woman with her children say to you directly, personally, 'thank you for saving my life', and for them to be saying' thank you for saving my mum'… what more could you ask for?


If you gained your grey hair (by) knowing that's what you have done in your life, then you have done something really important."


The Governor drew comparisons to their great humanitarian spirit with the characteristics of mateship, courage, endurance and sacrifice shown by Australians during iconic Australian military campaigns including Anzac and Kokada.


"Some of you may have heard me use this framework before but I think it's very apt that in my first Anzac Day as Governor I gave a speech and I talked about (its) legacy.

(As we try) to sum up this torrid event we normally refer to four words Courage, Mateship, Endurance and Sacrifice.


And if you climbed through the Kokoda track to Kokoda village you will see those words sculpted into four pillars ……Courage, Endurance, Mateship, Sacrifice.


Lovely words, very powerful, very emotive.


I have tried to distill those four words into three descriptions and those three are:


If you give us a job to do we will do it to our best ability, whether we fail or succeed.


When we do that job we will do it in a way that will make you proud.


Thirdly, while we're doing that job we will look after each other and more importantly when we finish the job we will continue to look after each other.


I think that sums up the Anzac Spirit (of) Australians quite well.


When I apply that framework to what you have done here I think you see exactly the same approach.


You have been given a job to do.


The Foundation and its predecessors in supporting the Hospital have done that job to the best of their ability… and we heard from your CEO you have to do a bit more. There's still more work out there, it never ends does it?


But you have done it to the best of your ability, and again that video shows that the best of your ability is an outstanding outcome, supporting outstanding work. And you have done it in a way that will make people proud. The outcomes speak for themselves. There is no doubt about that.


The reputation of this Hospital around Sydney, around the state, around the country, stands with some of the best if not the best in the country.


We are proud of what you have done.


And you have looked after each other, you've looked after your 'mates', in that really essential Australian term and those 'mates' are your fellow citizens.

You have reached out and provided the means by which their illnesses can be addressed.


As Governor I couldn't ask for more of a group, thank you for your leadership, your leaders here, your team for stacking up, all those that complete the organisation past and present here today, you have done an outstanding job it's a real pleasure and privilege to be with you today, to continue the very proud history of this Hospital."


He encouraged Foundation supporters to continue their good work.


"To make sure the Foundation does the work it was established to do…drive it forward, create an environment for the best care that can be provided for our people.


… and do it in a way, with a loving Godly heart."

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