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28 Sept 2017

Oncology Support Physician


46 year old Gordon interior designer Judith Bruce unfortunately knows only too well the devastating impact Cancer and the treatments to combat it, can have on the body.

Diagnosed with breast cancer at 21 and then again at 41, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery affected Judith’s skin, hormones and moods.

Judith’s surgeon Associate Professor Michael Hughes suggested she see oncology support physician on site at the San Integrated Cancer Centre, Dr Nirmala Daya.

"I see many patients who face a multitude of health and personal problems exacerbated by their cancer diagnosis and its treatment" said Associate Professor Hughes.

"They will benefit from doctors with expertise and understanding of what cancer patients go through. Having a cancer support physician easily accessible in the cancer centre offers a truly holistic approach to care."

"I really needed to talk to someone who I could relate to" said Judith.

"My body had been ravaged by radiotherapy once and even though I only had surgery this last time, I was scared about what was happening to me and what it all meant.

Referring me to a doctor with a real understanding of what I was going through just made me feel at ease.

It’s been great to get Nirmala’s support. I know she’s in my court."


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