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31 Aug 2017

New Hybrid Theatre opens at the San

Endovascular surgeon Dr Richard Harris has performed the first procedure in a new $3million Hybrid theatre at the San.

The new theatre allows vascular and cardio surgeons to do both minimally invasive and more serious open procedures during one surgical visit.

With obesity and diabetes increasing, cardio-vascular disease remains one of the biggest causes of death in Australia and the most expensive health condition to the Australian economy.

Vascular disease-resulting in narrowing or blocking of arteries or veins can be life-limiting if it affects body areas like the legs or life-threatening if it affects for example the arteries supplying the brain or the heart.

Fortunately advances in x-ray imaging during procedures and the use of catheters through tiny incisions in the wrist or groin mean many procedures are now minimally invasive and can be done in a procedure room however other associated conditions might require also an additional open surgery in an operating theatre.

Until the new Hybrid theatre at the San, the other open procedure could require transfer to the theatre, or even another admission.

The new theatre offers latest surgical equipment and imaging technology with reduced radiation allowing a common space for both minimally invasive and complex surgeries.

"It is just a fantastic facility with start of the art machine. It also allows to do valve replacement, from a cardiology point of view - but also all the other things vascular surgeons like to do as well." said Dr Harris.

The hybrid theatre also provides ample space for flexible movement of staff and equipment.

"The theatre in itself is about $ 3 million worth. It is enormous – the biggest at the San." 

Click here to listen Dr Richard Harris talk to 2UE about vascular diseases and the new hybrid theatre at the San.

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