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06 Mar 2017

First Friday inspires and refreshes

First Friday Service at the San ChapelMoving personal experiences of how care can changes lives, inspiring bible stories and reflective music were the highlights of ‘First Friday’ at the San Chapel on Friday evening, March 3.

The monthly gathering will be an opportunity to pause and take a breath according to San Director of Mission and Culture Dr Branimir Schubert who welcomed Hospital staff and church and local community members and the patients who were able to watch the broadcast via San TV Channel 2 in their rooms.

“First Friday is like this device” he said indicating his smart technology watch measuring his steps and breathing.

“It measures my breathing, whether I am tense or relaxed, whether I am focused or distracted. If tense, I get a ‘buzz’ and a message that I should take a break and a deep breath.

First Friday is like this device: we are sensitive to the divine buzz and the message that says your week has been long and stressful, you are tense, time to take a breath, time to take a break.”

Branimir reminded everyone that Friday evening starts the opportunity to regroup and recharge and the invitation that Jesus makes.

“I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me – watch how I do it. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.”

Spiritual Care Services Manager Alex Currie recounted the biblical story of the Samaritan woman drawing water surprised by Jesus ignoring current prejudice and talking to her.

"Jesus is the great story reframer" Alex reminded the group.

"He knows all our stories, even the sealed section. He loves the whole person. He offers us a different way for them to live."

AHCL CEO Phil Currie shared memories of his time as a young nurse when he was called into assist in intensive care and was faced with a critically ill patient post-surgery.

Facing several life-challenging episodes during the night Phil questioned the nursing unit manager about what the patient's chance of survival was.

Phil found the reply profound and memorable.

"Our job is not to wonder what chance he has but to give him every chance" was the nursing unit managers reply.

Phil also recalled another patient in recent years who in his words experienced an epiphany during his care at the Hospital over an Easter weekend.

"He said he was moved by the level of care and humanity he received while he was at the Hospital. He said that the message of Christianity was not simply on the walls – that it was in the actions of the staff. He said he saw Christ at work in the people who cared for him."

Phil reflected that this was the power of the work that staff at AHCL do.

The evening finished with a blessing and sharing of healthy food and other music.

Next First Friday April 7th, San Chapel. 6.45 for 7.00pm. All Welcome - please extend the invitation to family and friends.

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